How to Create a Gmail account in mobile or PC?

In Today’s world everbody needs an email account . It is must for everybody and we need it . So Let’s get started!!!

How to sign up in Gmail?

1. We are going create account  with gmail. So click on the link Or you can just visit a gmail app in your Android or any other device.and click on sign up

2. You will see. Click on Create an account

3.Now fill details

     4.Click on next

     5.Now you will see following page .Then fill up the  given details again and click on next

     6.On next page scroll down and click on I agree for privacy and terms.

           7. After that you will be directed to your gmail account. Then choose a view you want

         8. After that you can choose whatever settings you want

9. You can insert new theme ,can import contacts and emails or change profile image.

How to sign in Gmail ?

1.Visit the link.

2.Then click on sign in gmail

3.Then fill up your gmail account id and password and click on sign in.

You will be directed to Gmail sign in page

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